Investment Properties | Canadian Real Investment Centre (HK)

Investment properties can be an important component of an investor’s asset mix. They are existing properties for sale/listed and are well suited for investment purposes as they offer an attractive combination of rental income and capital appreciation potential. Such properties are not intended to be used as a personal residence but rather for producing rental income. They can include individual apartments, a portfolio of individual apartments or a small apartment/multi-family building.

CREIC (HK) provides a turn-key opportunity for investors seeking investment properties in Canada, offering a broad range of professional services with a personal touch. We can assist with every stage of the investment process from finding the property and assisting with financing to providing specialized property management services and ultimately selling the property.

Below is an investment unit in downtown Montreal near McGill and Concordia University and a 5-minute walk to the Central Business District. It has been furnished by an interior designer and rented out to a MBA student.